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By Madison Jackson

What is Iron Rodeo? Iron Rodeo is a whirlwind of madness, genius, and art. It’s the subtle rebellion of one man’s creative soul. It’s a nod to history, a love for country, and a desire to create beauty out of the tarnished. There is one rule for this company; there are no rules. Because normal is boring and life is short. Welcome to Iron Rodeo, where our product is an expression of artistic freedom. 


Is Iron Rodeo a niché market? Absolutely.  The company creates furniture out of antique, aviation equipment. Once you’ve laid eyes on the furniture, you know you are staring at a unique kind of art. But you haven’t seen eclectic until you’ve experienced these handcrafted pieces. What some would see as items to discard, this company repurposes them into items to behold. They are scattered throughout the warehouse, each piece a reflection of history.  


To the side of the warehouse sits a table made out of the bones of an old, 1st Gen. Cary Cigarette Boat. The top is crafted from glass, and when you look down, the rudder stares back at you, seeming to beg for another adventure. It’s different and nothing short of breathtaking. In the middle of the room, sit chairs made out of vintage, helicopter seats. They are a reflection of the pilots who once sat in them. Oh, and then there are the bar tops. You haven’t seen anything like them. One bar top made out of an old Rolls Royce turbine engine. The engine wraps around the end of the bar, giving the space a rustic, yet cozy feel. And then there is another bar made out of an old, metal press machine. All of these pieces hold an understated beauty. It’s as if you can see the stories in the furniture.  


But the pieces of furniture are not the only items being restored. You can’t forget about the motorcycles. In fact, it’s these original bikes that are what catch your eye. They stand proudly on the floor, a mixture of old and new. All restored to their former glory. They are beauty on two wheels; the sound, the smell, the look and the feel. Everyone needs an escape; everyone wants to feel free. These bikes offer freedom and creativity. Can I offer you a 1954 Lambretta scooter? Or perhaps you’d choose the Aprilia Mille sports bike. Or maybe, you’re a true creative, and find the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 (Ice Queen) with a cafe whip to your liking. Whatever you ride, we can accomodate. Simple, honest, and just plain fun.  

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