What is Iron Rodeo?  Simply put it is a form of madness.  To be drawn to items which animate another view of itself.  To take wondrous things in their old age and reform them into something that pays homage to it’s history and preserve it, live with it for tomorrow.  The first rule is that there are no rules. Once you navigate that thought the rest becomes magic. We hope you get a glimpse into that world.





Oh, and then there’s that other thing.  We love motorcycles. The sound, the smell, the look and the feel.  Art on wheels and a bit of speed. It’s hard at times to feel escape.  But these time machines can offer a good portion of that. And it’s all over the map.  From a 1954 Lambretta scooter to current Aprilia Mille sport bikes...we are in. But the sleeper for us of late is the new Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 (Ice Queen) with a cafe whip.  Pure fun and a great ride. Takes you back to the 70’s Honda CB750 but with all the benefits of today’s technology. SImple , honest and just plain fun.


So we hope you will join our eclectic odyssey that at times will include thoughts on music, art and no doubt combustion.  Life is short, life is a gift, so go saddle up for the ride. We think there is a small part of each of us that never needs to fully grow up.  To see the world through the eyes of a child. Where there is still wonder.



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Fort Worth, Texas

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